Big Family

This is very first post of my Fishjournal blog. I am really excited!!

In reality, I have been keeping a fish journal since 19th of May, 2011. I thought it was a bit funny to writing about fish instead of writing about my life and people I know! But that little thought just disappeared when I looked at my fish tank and my fish journal started!

The Fish Journal

My Yellow_Fish Journal in real life

I bought this yellow notebook at a bookstore in Hong Kong. It is kind of funny note. The cover says,

“Brain wave
today, amnesia

Better make a note”

Anyway, I’ve been keeping this journal over 2 months and I was a good girl until May and in June, I skipped a lot because I had lost lots of fishes that month and I was really not in a good mood to write about it. I mean, I was counting my fishes everyday but I only started to having fishes a couple of months ago so I had some mistakes which took me a sad place with dead fish. But now I think I am pretty good at taking care of tropical fish in my two fish tank and I thought that maybe I can share some of my experiences and happy moments with my fish with other people! 🙂

Before I start my blog, I think I should tell you about my fishes first!

My favorite tropical fish is Coral Platy. Some people call them “Dwarf Platy“. It is a funny name but when you look at them, you will see why.
My Red Mickey Mouse Coral Platy -> My Red Mickey Mouse Coral Platy

See?! This is normal Red Mickey Mouse PlatyCommon Mickey Mouse Platy
So now you see the difference. 

I didn’t really know about my fish when I bought them. I just thought that they looked so cute and adorable. But every time I visit the fish market, I couldn’t find the same fish as mine at any other store except the one place I bought mine. And I realized that the store improved the breed of Mickey Mouse Platy. And Ta-da – Red Mickey Mouse Coral(Dwarf) Play here it is. I really like it because it’s unique.

Currently, I have 1 Platinum M.M Platy, 5 Red M.M Coral Platy and 4 Red M.M Platy. And, don’t be surprised.. I have 3 weeks of old – 4 Platinum MM Platy fry + 4 days old 65 Red MM Platy fry + 2 days old 30 Red MM Coral Platy fry.

So, total = 10 adult fishes + 99 fry. This is madness! Haha This is one of reasons that I decided to write a blog. Such a big family!

Alright. Tomorrow, I am going to tell you more about my 99 fry. Because it’s quite insane for an amateur like me. But, cute little things.. I like them so much! 🙂


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