Bullies join the rest of gang, at last.

4 Bullies stuck in the breeding box!

Do you remember my 4 bully fishes? Like you see the picture above, they were stuck in the little breeding box inside of fry tank. My fry tank is really small so it was a bit harsh for bullies but hey, they are bullies! They deserved it and the rest of fry deserve to be protected..

This morning, I realized maybe… MAYBE.. it’s time to loosen up for a little bit for my bullies and I had quite some time to exam their behavior – Bad guy behavior. And I decided to give them another chance to join the rest of the gang. When the bully attack happened, the little red fry was all alone and they were 4 of them. And now.. if these bullies want to do some little swimmy-babish fighting with others, it’s going to be 4 vs. more than 100, so I think this time, it’ll be okay. So far, they seem doing alright. You can easily find bullies among those 100 because they’ve been growing a lot these days! They’re still small and cute but really, growing fast! Now I’m feeding them 2~3 times a day.

Welcome to the Club!

The white one is one of bullies. Platinum(Blue) Mickey Mouse Platy! 🙂

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