Beginning of the Week with My Fishes.

I am doing good. The fishes are doing great too! 🙂

Btw, I forgot to talk about my recent loss. Last week, when I cleaned my fry tank filter, I found several dead fry in there. And I realized the filter was a bit strong for them. After I cleaned the tank and put new water, I thought that it would be okay to turn my filter like level 2 out of level 50…. But I guess it was still a bit too much for them. I couldn’t really count the dead body because I might lost of track of them since I found out later. I think I lost at least 5-8 fry. 😦

Anyway, everyone seems doing alright. Most of them look so obvious that they’ve been growing a lot. I mean, they’re still like 0.5cm but it is amazing watching them growing up. I wonder if they know who their real siblings are..

I’ve been asking myself about this for days now. As far as I know, only less than 10 fry died recently. But still, I should have around 100 fry in my fry tank. However, I don’t really see that I have 100 fry. It only looks like I have 50 or so. I’ve also asked my boyfriend but he said it’s more than 50 but he’s not sure about it. Now they’re kind of big so I can count if I want but it’s difficult to take them a picture all together clearly. They move too fast. I read this article one day. It’s about people who love tropical fish. So they have this step of becoming a real tropical fish lover.

Fish tank -> Buy fishes -> Buy bigger/better tank -> Buy soils, equipment, decorations -> Buy expensive fishes -> Buy bigger/better tank -> Buy a better camera > Buy ….

So It’s like.. buying stuffs.. repeatedly and endlessly. I think I skipped ‘buy  a bigger/better tank’ part and jumped to “buy a better camera”. I am on that stage but I probably can buy a new camera 2-3 years later.  :p I should just focus on not ‘killing’ my fishes. Hehe..!

Anyway.. another week started!

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