Suicide Travel to the Magic Carpet

I can’t believe this!!

I woke up at 4:30 am this early morning. I was having terrible dream. There are 3 nightmare characters that I HATE the most. – Rat, Roaches, and Baby Rats!! I was chasing by baby rats all night, it was awful….
So anyway, I went to the bathroom and when I  thought… everything was just a dream and I still have enough time to sleep, I was getting out of the bathroom. I wasn’t really 100% awake until.. I felt something under my left foot.

Oh, is it some kind of jelly?

Well, so I looked at it and it was… a dead white mickey mouse platy on my carpet! I was literally like “What the….!!!!!!!” I couldn’t believe that I just stepped on my fish and whether it died before the accident or not, I killed it again with my foot! I really really really wanted to just take away my left foot. I grabbed a tissue and cleaned the carpet… My hands were shaky for about 5 mins after I lay down on my bed. It was just too.. disgusting that I felt my fish with my foot. Poor my fish..

Wait a sec…. But HOW the little fish diver could lay down on my carpet. The fish tank was away 80cm from the where the fish was dead. It must jumped so high, I imagine…

White Mickey Mouse Platy's Suicide Scene.

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