I hate Fungus..

So officially, my adult tank is pretty done. I only have 5 fishes left in the tank. Luckily, the other hand, my baby fishes are doing well.

The problem is now, their illness is pretty much level 10 out of 10 so there’s not much things to do to help them better I think. Today I have 2 toilet funerals and I don’t think the rest of fishes will survive until this weekend.

I hate fungus…

My adult fish tank has been attacked by fungus

You can’t really see from the picture above. But they’re constantly moving – very fast – I assume that the illness gives them pains so it drives them crazy.. The sad thing is my only one Platinum Mickey Mouse Platy is pregnant and I’m so sad that the babies inside of her are going to die when she dies.. 😦

4 thoughts on “I hate Fungus..

  1. I had no idea fungus cold kill fishes! Sorry to hear this. Well, in their fish way I hope they had a happy life and know in the tiny fish minds they were loved. R.I.P. and condolences ㅠ_ㅠ

  2. i see this is an old post but we just bought a micky fish this past saturday and sunday night it had babies!! we didnt find them till monday morning and i seperated the mom fish but idk what to do now lol i have a 10 gal tank with the babies i think only like 7-10 are still alive 😦 id like for them to live so my kids love the babies already.. help!

    • Hi Jenny, sorry for late response on this. How are your baby fishes? I think you might want to have little baby tank for baby fishes to separate them / protect them from the eater mommy fishes. Or, you could have platens in your fish tank so that babies can hide.

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