The Madness Stopped

I feel bad that I missed some days to write a post on my blog!

There was nothing special for the past few days because I was writing about my fishes dying pretty much 3 – 4 times straight. Nothing fancy.. just.. dead fishes..

But good news is, seems like the madness has gone now! Finally!
Today, 9 fry look prettier than ever (to me at least) and 2 adult fishes look.. pretty ‘okay’. I know I have a couple of fans.. of Bullies. And to my surprised, 4 bullies are still on the VIP list!! 🙂 I guess they’re naturally strong. I’m really glad that they’re still alive!
Anyway, this week is actually very very special week to me. I am starting a new job tomorrow. And I am hoping that I will be very very busy during the week and have lots of awesome time on weekends. I even thought about taking some of fry to work. Having a little aquarium on my work desk but since now I only have 9 of them, I might go to the fish market this weekend to buy some new friends to fill up my fish tank at home first.

I will try to post everyday if I can! 🙂
Have a good week!