New Fish Tank!

Hello everybody!

Great news. I’ve bought a new fish tank today! 🙂
It is very exciting that finally I can show you guys my new water life through my blog again~!

I have moved to a new place about 2~3 weeks ago. Now I have a much bigger place with ‘proper’ living room which now my new fish tank is located. I wanted to buy a new fish tank  for so long time even before I moved to a new place. And finally! I bought a big new fish tank. Hehe..

So the new one is actually really BIG improvement from my previous fish tank. I will post about the size comparison next time but it is definitely a big change. I haven’t measured the new one but it’s 24” size and I had to back and forth to fill up the water into the tank more than 10 times with my 1.5L red bucket so you do the math. :p

New Fish Tank

I will post about the fish tank setting soon!!

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