Patience is a Virtue! – New fish tank setup

At this moment, my new fish tank is getting ready for new fishes that I bought this afternoon! Let me show them after this post. 🙂

I’d like to share with you some tips before I show you the setting that I have.

1. Check your new fish tank before you bring it to home.

New Fish Tank (24'')

After I got my new fish tank last weekend, I bought 20 inches of big fish tank. When I got home, I realized that the fish tank was actually broken. The bottom glass wasn’t well sealed and it leaked the water. I ended up getting a new one from the store but it was still a bit of hassle and time wasting.
So make sure you check your fish tank when you buy it. See if there’s any issue.

2. Buy a proper filter for the right size.

New Filter

Although I have used filter but since my new fish tank is quite bigger than my previous one, I bought more powerful filter for clean water. It is important that you have the right equipment for your fish tank size as it will effect your water quality and the health of the fishes.

Hope you don’t make the same mistake that I made.

Now, I’m going to show you my new fish tank!

My first Soil! 

For my first time, I have purchased soil for my fish tank. I will not have water plants but I thought I should have soil this time and I think it looks great!

The Soil

The decision was made by me but as I don’t know which soil is good or bad, I totally followed the store staff’s advice. I think maybe he just picked the expensive Japanese brand but I think it was a good decision. It’s 8kg and it doesn’t need to be washed when you use it, so I am quite satisfied with this soil. I will keep you posted on the good effect of this soil if there’s any I could find later.

After soil, I put the super filter that I bought.

Getting Ready

Next step, filling up the water. Because of the soil, you will have dust flying around if you put water straight away. It’s better you have some sort of ‘shield’ to prevent making dirty water. In my case, I used one of plastic paper wraps that I have from the fish tank box. Gently fill up the water please!

Filling up the water

At last, it looks kind of .. okay now. 🙂

Almost Done

I have waited for 5 days to make the water clean.
Filter and heater have been running non-stop for my empty fish tank and the water changed like this!

5 days later

Patience is a Virtue!

New Fish Tank!

Hello everybody!

Great news. I’ve bought a new fish tank today! 🙂
It is very exciting that finally I can show you guys my new water life through my blog again~!

I have moved to a new place about 2~3 weeks ago. Now I have a much bigger place with ‘proper’ living room which now my new fish tank is located. I wanted to buy a new fish tank  for so long time even before I moved to a new place. And finally! I bought a big new fish tank. Hehe..

So the new one is actually really BIG improvement from my previous fish tank. I will post about the size comparison next time but it is definitely a big change. I haven’t measured the new one but it’s 24” size and I had to back and forth to fill up the water into the tank more than 10 times with my 1.5L red bucket so you do the math. :p

New Fish Tank

I will post about the fish tank setting soon!!


I hate to post this!

All of my new fishes died a couple of weeks ago. It’s real tragic..

I’m blaming my work and mostly laziness.. I decided not to buy new fishes for a while.

So my fish blog is on vacation now until .. maybe January 2012. I will be back with my new fish family in coming year!

OR, maybe I’m coming back random day – secretly..


Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope to see you soon! 🙂

New Beginning!

Finally, I bought some new fishes (again).

I bought Red Mickey Mouse Platy and Sunset Platy this time. It’s all same kind so I don’t think it will be much different to take care of them but I am very excited about having ‘Sunset Platy’ for my first time! Yay! 🙂

Right now, they’re waiting in the small plate while the fish tank’s water stabilized. I just changed the whole water for big fish tank and the small tank. I am going to use small tank for the new born fry for sure. There’re 2 Mommy fishes already, so I’m looking forward to see cute little creatures again.

I will post about new family with pictures soon!! Hehe..

R.I.P – Good-bye My Lonely Heart

My Lonely Heart died last weekend.

One day, Lonely Heart decided to sit on the filter. Lonely Heart was so curious so decided to put her right hand into the filter. When Lonely Heart realized it was the gate to the Place of the Sea Kings, it was too late..

My Lonely Heart, you were a witty, talented, kind and brave 2 months old baby fish I’ve ever met.

Rest in peace. Good-bye My Lonely Heart.

Memory of Lonely Heart


Rest in peace.. Lonely Heart

Only One Left

Hi there!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already 7th of September! I’ve been occupied with my new job so I couldn’t really take care of my blog for entire August. And I didn’t have a Happy Ending August for my fishes. 

To my surprise, now I have only one fry left in my fry tank.. I hate this!!

At least until last week, I have few alive frys. Thank god I took pictures of 2 months old my frys back then. I thought they were the real survivors but I guess not.. 😦

2 months old fishes

2 months old fishes

I heard that we’ll have a public holiday next Tuesday. And if I am lucky, I will get Monday off as well so maybe I could go fish-market for real this time. And get some September miracle preparation for my fish blog. 

I really hope that I could write some good quality posts in this month!