Tungchoi Goldfish Market

Awesome Seawater Fish Tank at Tungchoi Fish Market

Last week, I went to the Fish Market. It’s called, Tungchoi Goldfish Market. This is really not a fancy tourist spot but it’s always in the guidebook of Hong Kong. I didn’t really know about this place until my mom gave me a couple of tour guidebook of Hong Kong when last time she visited me. I’ve been living in HK almost 8 months now but I haven’t been to many places yet. Maybe I should read the guidebook again sometime.

This market has a real variety. It is full of fish stores and pet shops included rabbits, cats, dogs, turtles and some other weird pets that I don’t consider as a pet.. (like frogs!)


Now let’s walk together.

You’ll see a lot of stores from the beginning of the street! It’s so awesome! The prices in every store pretty much similar and they do have a very broad and cheap/expensive products. – From 4 dollar fish net to huge crystal fish tank.

One of Stores at Tungchoi Street


They sell various decorations too. Like houses for little fish and real/fake plants. The price is depends on the size and type usually. I want to have one of those brown house when I have a bigger fish tank! 🙂


This is the real plants for your tank. The shop keeper was so busy to keep them fresh and ‘watery’ every min.





They also sell woods and stones for your tank. The price range is between 20~500 dollars. I saw more than $500(HKD). I think it’s a bit extreme that paying such amount of money for a ‘Stone’.


Enough about side stuffs. Now, Let’s check out the fishes! 🙂

Pretty Fish Tanks!Fish Tanks at the store

Fish Tank on the Street

The Security Guard, "Fish Market CATS"

The funny thing I noticed there was, 4 out of 10 fish stores have cats! They are big and always walking around the store, very slowly and quite. Yeah, they are security guards. :p

Now let’s check out the crazy “Fish Bag” scene. It’s is a mascot of the street.

Wonder 'Fish' Wall

"Hmm.. Which one I should buy?"

Zoom In–

"Please pick me! We are yellow cuties!"

"We won't bite you, please pick us!"

"We are the cutest! Red and all!"

Did you enjoy the pictures and little tour? 🙂 If you visit Hong Kong, you should visit here and spend a couple of hours, just watching all the exotic fishes and ‘people’ there. Street scenes are pretty interesting too! 🙂

Talk about Grown Ups!

Yes, it is true that I ‘almost’ forgot about them. – The Grown Ups! My original fish family, adult clubs!

Today, I cleaned their tank because I pretty much abandoned them for a couple of weeks since the fry born and when I saw the water today, it was pretty disgusting! yuk!! You know, maybe sometime I can talk about their poops for a week because I really want to say something about it someday….. Enough about complains! Alright. So, they’re now back again in the clean water. And yeah maybe a little bit of love from the master!! Hehe..

"Only over 1 year old can entered here." - My tank No.1

Finally, the weather got cleared today so I decided to visit the Fish Market in Mongkok! I wanted to check out the fish store where I bought my Dwarf Platy. I’ll post about the fish market very soon but not now. (Still organizing the pictures!)

Anyway I visited the store. I actually didn’t really know that I should not take a picture there. So, when I tried to take some pictures of their awesome aquariums, the owner who has really dry and poker-face came to me and said something in Cantonese and I guess it was something like “NO Photo here.” So I told him that I was sorry. And that moment, I thought maybe this is a good chance to talk to him about that Dwarf Platy I can’t really buy anywhere except that store. Maybe he could tell me some good stories or maybe letting me to take some funny pictures in there??! My blogger instinct strongly came to me from fish heaven so I said to him,

“Hey, this is great! I have a fish blog!”

And he looked at me and said, “WHAT?” His face was saying something like..  ‘maybe I should get rid of this girl, she’s weird.’

So I said again, “I have a fish blog! and it would be great if you could tell me that fish’s real name because I’m writing about that fish in my fish blog and I’d like to confirm if I call it correctly.”

Okay, wait a sec. IF I was the owner, watching this short black hair weird girl came to me and showed her FISH BLOG on her iPhone and talking about the fish that I kind of created, I would be super flattered and really happy about it! Well, that’s the only thing I can think of. Many many positive thing! But surely, he doesn’t get this sense of  “Marketing” and you know, managing his “Fans”. I don’t blame him but I thought at least he would be happy if someone like me show up and try to talk.
But you already guessed. He wasn’t really happy about me that asking questions. Maybe he was upset already because I tried to take pictures but hey, I couldn’t really get one! So he decided to just say something to ‘remove’ my present at the store very quickly. He said, “It is still a Mickey Mouse Platy. You changed DNA, just put ‘SP’ after the whole name.”

I am still appreciated that he was working busy and all and still tried to not ignore me. But that was a bit of disappointment.. I KNOW, and you KNOW that it is a Mickey Mouse Platy has been insulted their DNA  by humans. I just hope that since his store did it to them, so they could tell me the fish’s name.. Annnnnnyway… I am a bit mad at them.
Bu it’s fine. He was probably really busy and I would be the first one that showed him a blog about fish… hahahaha.. It would have been more funny scene if you were there too or I wear my fish T-shirt. – Wait, maybe I can make it?! :p

Back to my point, so my grown ups are doing well. Nobody died (yet) and they eat a lot and swim a lot too. I didn’t buy any fish today even though I went to the fish market which never happened to me before! I guess it was really only for my blog after all.. ! (It was!)