Now it’s Fry’s turn..

Now it is getting hard to make everybody healthy and ‘ALIVE’.

My little Mickey Mouse Platy fry’s are dying. The 2 adult fishes are still swimming, eating and alive. When I relieved and happy about the fact that I still have the ‘master hand’ of keeping my fishes, my fry army raised their hands and said,

Hey, we’re dying! 🙂 What’s up?!



I guess every time when you change the water, you can’t really avoid not killing anyone. But this is pretty bad if you consider that now I’ve been keeping my fry for over 1 month and a half, now they just start dying??!! Oh No! It’s really a bad news.

Last week, I counted and I had 38 fry. I don’t really like brag about the number of fishes that I have, but honestly, it was my first time to have fry more than 10 days, keeping them alive, so I was proud of the fact that I ‘saved’ 38 fry out of 120 after a month of time. But right now, I only have 14 fry in my fry tank! Can you believe it!!! 😦

I am pretty sure that I won’t have any baby fishes in my adult tank anymore since I only have 2 female fishes and they’re pretty sick now.

It’s terrible that I am currently thinking about the new fishes (already!) just in case I lose every fish I have now. I was thinking of taking few of my fry to my work. I saved a couple of glass bottles to keep them but well, I don’t think it’s a good idea anymore.

Flying Birds in the Water

Finally, I recorded a video of my flying birds in the water..! 🙂

I have a Lumix DMC-FX180 digital camera. I am not really an expert of camera so I am not sure if it’s now an old model or still okay model but it’s working pretty well. But some reason I cannot get the close macro look of my fish! Maybe I am doing something wrong?! I asked my friend David, who is an expert of photography and he gave me some advice but I still can’t take a good shot! My iphone picture looks better than picture I take by my camera sometimes.. Lame..
About a couple of weeks ago, I found some awesome water-proof cameras and I really want to buy one when I have a big fish tank with little plants. It would be so great… Man.. Did I just sound so nerdy? hahaha…

Anyway, I realized my boyfriend has a water-proof camera. He doesn’t really take pictures or anything in general. So I decided to take some test shots with it. His camera is also Lumix, DMC-FT1. – I have no idea how the company name these model names and numbers. – Anyway, so I took some pictures and wait…… It’s not bad! This camera has a cool function which is ‘water-proof’ thing – Sorry, if you expected something else! – And I decided to take a video. I didn’t really put the camera in the fish tank because my fish tank is way too small to put my hand and the camera at the same time, but also I was kind of afraid of breaking it just in case I used it wrong and water get into the camera.

And wow, I did some editing with the video and I think it came out pretty okay for the first try. The quality isn’t really the same as I actually took since I had to upload to youtube but I think you’ll like it! 🙂 Enjoy!

Beginning of the Week with My Fishes.

I am doing good. The fishes are doing great too! 🙂

Btw, I forgot to talk about my recent loss. Last week, when I cleaned my fry tank filter, I found several dead fry in there. And I realized the filter was a bit strong for them. After I cleaned the tank and put new water, I thought that it would be okay to turn my filter like level 2 out of level 50…. But I guess it was still a bit too much for them. I couldn’t really count the dead body because I might lost of track of them since I found out later. I think I lost at least 5-8 fry. 😦

Anyway, everyone seems doing alright. Most of them look so obvious that they’ve been growing a lot. I mean, they’re still like 0.5cm but it is amazing watching them growing up. I wonder if they know who their real siblings are..

I’ve been asking myself about this for days now. As far as I know, only less than 10 fry died recently. But still, I should have around 100 fry in my fry tank. However, I don’t really see that I have 100 fry. It only looks like I have 50 or so. I’ve also asked my boyfriend but he said it’s more than 50 but he’s not sure about it. Now they’re kind of big so I can count if I want but it’s difficult to take them a picture all together clearly. They move too fast. I read this article one day. It’s about people who love tropical fish. So they have this step of becoming a real tropical fish lover.

Fish tank -> Buy fishes -> Buy bigger/better tank -> Buy soils, equipment, decorations -> Buy expensive fishes -> Buy bigger/better tank -> Buy a better camera > Buy ….

So It’s like.. buying stuffs.. repeatedly and endlessly. I think I skipped ‘buy  a bigger/better tank’ part and jumped to “buy a better camera”. I am on that stage but I probably can buy a new camera 2-3 years later.  :p I should just focus on not ‘killing’ my fishes. Hehe..!

Anyway.. another week started!

Bullies join the rest of gang, at last.

4 Bullies stuck in the breeding box!

Do you remember my 4 bully fishes? Like you see the picture above, they were stuck in the little breeding box inside of fry tank. My fry tank is really small so it was a bit harsh for bullies but hey, they are bullies! They deserved it and the rest of fry deserve to be protected..

This morning, I realized maybe… MAYBE.. it’s time to loosen up for a little bit for my bullies and I had quite some time to exam their behavior – Bad guy behavior. And I decided to give them another chance to join the rest of the gang. When the bully attack happened, the little red fry was all alone and they were 4 of them. And now.. if these bullies want to do some little swimmy-babish fighting with others, it’s going to be 4 vs. more than 100, so I think this time, it’ll be okay. So far, they seem doing alright. You can easily find bullies among those 100 because they’ve been growing a lot these days! They’re still small and cute but really, growing fast! Now I’m feeding them 2~3 times a day.

Welcome to the Club!

The white one is one of bullies. Platinum(Blue) Mickey Mouse Platy! 🙂

Fry Tank

My fry army is doing well. I saw one of them died this morning but everyone seems very healthy so far. Here is my fry tank I set up yesterday.

Fry Army

My fry army in my Fry Tank

The reason I have another small breeding box in the fry tank is, I have 2-3 weeks old – 4 platinum mickey mouse platy. They’re just a little bit bigger.. than the new-born fry so you might think it is weird to have a safe box for 4 of them. But, actually it is for my rest of little ones.

I made a terrible mistake the other day. I put new-born fry into the same place where those 4 bullies were. As soon as the little one started swimming they attacked her/he and little one died in 1 min. It was very shocking scene and sadly, I couldn’t really catch that little creature when she/he was in trouble so she/he ended up dying because of my fault and 4 ignorant bullies. I bet they thought it was a food or something! Ever since then, I try not to care for them too much because of that incident but after all, they’re.. fishes.. So I am trying to move on. Hehe! :p Sounds so silly…
So, I still need to have a breeding box to prevent innocent fry dying. Too bad for 4 bullies though. They need to live there for a while unless I have a bigger tank and I can keep them there.

Here we are, let me introduce you the 4 Bullies!

4 Bullies - Platinum Mickey Mouse Platy

I am going to record a video of them eating food tomorrow. They’re mean to their younger siblings but… still cute!! 🙂

As you can see, my red mickey mouse platies are doing so well. They’re swimming here and there. They even sit on the sponge part of my filter! Those are lazy ones I bet.. “I’m a fish but I don’t care, I want to sit.”

Until another pregnancy party going, I got nothing to do with them except feeding them and watching them. It’s going to be a boring month but I am so excited to see them grow! 🙂