R.I.P – Good-bye My Lonely Heart

My Lonely Heart died last weekend.

One day, Lonely Heart decided to sit on the filter. Lonely Heart was so curious so decided to put her right hand into the filter. When Lonely Heart realized it was the gate to the Place of the Sea Kings, it was too late..

My Lonely Heart, you were a witty, talented, kind and brave 2 months old baby fish I’ve ever met.

Rest in peace. Good-bye My Lonely Heart.

Memory of Lonely Heart


Rest in peace.. Lonely Heart

Only One Left

Hi there!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already 7th of September! I’ve been occupied with my new job so I couldn’t really take care of my blog for entire August. And I didn’t have a Happy Ending August for my fishes. 

To my surprise, now I have only one fry left in my fry tank.. I hate this!!

At least until last week, I have few alive frys. Thank god I took pictures of 2 months old my frys back then. I thought they were the real survivors but I guess not.. 😦

2 months old fishes

2 months old fishes

I heard that we’ll have a public holiday next Tuesday. And if I am lucky, I will get Monday off as well so maybe I could go fish-market for real this time. And get some September miracle preparation for my fish blog. 

I really hope that I could write some good quality posts in this month!

Light to the Heaven.

I feel very guilty!
You’re Right… I am getting lazy with my fishes, it is really bad.

Usually I check my fishes right before I go to work in the morning and I check them again when I get home after work. Especially when I see them in the evening without thinking about them for 6-8 hours, it’s pretty refreshing to just seeing them. Unless.. if I have a fish followed the light to heaven while I’m gone.

I just got home about 10 min ago and I found out I only have FIVE 2 months old fry in my fry tank. And 1 dead fish who left his body without fishy soul! And he was one of 2 alive bullies. So right now I only have 1 bully fish.. 😦

It is time to go to Fish Market this weekend for sure. I can’t stand watching sad, empty fish tank anymore..!

By the way, I gotta show you 2 months old fishes soon. They’re pretty amazing. It’s kind of silly thing to say but you can see their poops…. now their poops are visible which is awesome for me as I’ve been watching them from the beginning. They were so small like 1mm or something. And their poops are 1mm.. Wow.. I can’t believe I’m writing about my fish pooping..

I will be back with some more new stories next  time for sure! 🙂

Have a good week, everyone!

Update of the week.

It’s been a while. I am sorry.

I’ve been very busy with my new job and pretty much I passed out after work for 2 weeks. So I couldn’t really have chance to checking my blog. 😦

At the moment, I only have 1 adult Red Mickey Mouse Coral Platy. – Male. He owns the tank!! By himself!
And the fry, the 9 survivors. I really don’t understand and don’t know what happened while I was at work, but right now I only have 5 alive fry. Sadly, 2 of bully brothers died mysteriously. Maybe they were the terrible bullies back in their ‘golden age’.

I was planning to buy new fishes last time I wrote but I couldn’t go to fish market. I might really go this saturday but we will see. Cause it’s been really a LONG week for me and I just want to stay in and if it’s possible, I just want to order pizza and be super lazy. Though I don’t think this being lazy plan wouldn’t really work since my weekend is now really precious from the work so I probably try to spend every second to be meaningful or.. something better than just sleeping!

Well, I will keep you posted. Hopefully I can come back with more interesting stories like July! 😀