9 Survivors and Model Souls

We're the '9 Survivors!'

I thought that at this point, I need some ‘proof’ of my nine survivors after all those lame posts about dying fishes. So here you go! :p

It’s funny the way they stare at me every time I try to take their pictures with my camera. Maybe it is just a coincidence but I start to thinking that MAYBE they know when I take a picture and some of fishes who have model soul in their dark mind, they just can’t help themselves! Put their face against to the fish tank wall!! – to make me get their best shot! Hehe..

The Madness Stopped

I feel bad that I missed some days to write a post on my blog!

There was nothing special for the past few days because I was writing about my fishes dying pretty much 3 – 4 times straight. Nothing fancy.. just.. dead fishes..

But good news is, seems like the madness has gone now! Finally!
Today, 9 fry look prettier than ever (to me at least) and 2 adult fishes look.. pretty ‘okay’. I know I have a couple of fans.. of Bullies. And to my surprised, 4 bullies are still on the VIP list!! 🙂 I guess they’re naturally strong. I’m really glad that they’re still alive!
Anyway, this week is actually very very special week to me. I am starting a new job tomorrow. And I am hoping that I will be very very busy during the week and have lots of awesome time on weekends. I even thought about taking some of fry to work. Having a little aquarium on my work desk but since now I only have 9 of them, I might go to the fish market this weekend to buy some new friends to fill up my fish tank at home first.

I will try to post everyday if I can! 🙂
Have a good week!

Now it’s Fry’s turn..

Now it is getting hard to make everybody healthy and ‘ALIVE’.

My little Mickey Mouse Platy fry’s are dying. The 2 adult fishes are still swimming, eating and alive. When I relieved and happy about the fact that I still have the ‘master hand’ of keeping my fishes, my fry army raised their hands and said,

Hey, we’re dying! 🙂 What’s up?!



I guess every time when you change the water, you can’t really avoid not killing anyone. But this is pretty bad if you consider that now I’ve been keeping my fry for over 1 month and a half, now they just start dying??!! Oh No! It’s really a bad news.

Last week, I counted and I had 38 fry. I don’t really like brag about the number of fishes that I have, but honestly, it was my first time to have fry more than 10 days, keeping them alive, so I was proud of the fact that I ‘saved’ 38 fry out of 120 after a month of time. But right now, I only have 14 fry in my fry tank! Can you believe it!!! 😦

I am pretty sure that I won’t have any baby fishes in my adult tank anymore since I only have 2 female fishes and they’re pretty sick now.

It’s terrible that I am currently thinking about the new fishes (already!) just in case I lose every fish I have now. I was thinking of taking few of my fry to my work. I saved a couple of glass bottles to keep them but well, I don’t think it’s a good idea anymore.

The Feast! – The Secret of Potbelly

Finally, I took a couple of close up shots of my fry. I gotta be honest, my camera is still awesome! Though I think it was just a luck that I took those shots.

"Ah.........I ate too much..."

"Dude, I think I can see your organ.."

As you can see, after the ‘Feast’, they got some potbelly and it looks adorably funny! :p Now I’m looking at my fry tank, some of them are just laying on the bottom. Oh boy.. Maybe it was too much for them.