Getting Salty!

Two adult fishes are still alive! And seems like they might could survive from this fungus illness. So I decided to try some treatments for them. Sea Salt!

Mmmm~~ Sea Salt!

Yes, Sea Salt. It’s actually used by a lot of fish people when their fishes got some problem with water quality, illness like fungus, white spot, etc. So I am going to try sea salt! I need to buy one first. Today Hong Kong is very very rainy, I kind of like the weather today. ­čÖé

So let’s get some salt today! I will post more soon.


I need a Doctor!

So it turned out, the 4 white mickey mouse platy who recently joined the gang, had a serious illness and brought it to my healthy fish tank! Oh No!

Today, the rest of white mickey mouse platy died and 2 of my red mickey mouse platy died too. Right now, my adult fish tank’s fishes are shaking their bodies constantly. It isn’t really a white spot disease which is very common disease for tropical fish. So yeah, this is┬ádefinitely┬áanother disease I never experienced.yet. So I googled it -> It is Fungus.┬á

Here’s the useful link to check out the diseases of tropical fish – Click here┬á

I don’t have the medicine for it right now and I found this disease just now so I’m afraid maybe it’s already too late to cure them but I’ll see what I can do..

I need a doctor! ­čśŽ