R.I.P – Good-bye My Lonely Heart

My Lonely Heart died last weekend.

One day, Lonely Heart decided to sit on the filter. Lonely Heart was so curious so decided to put her right hand into the filter. When Lonely Heart realized it was the gate to the Place of the Sea Kings, it was too late..

My Lonely Heart, you were a witty, talented, kind and brave 2 months old baby fish I’ve ever met.

Rest in peace. Good-bye My Lonely Heart.

Memory of Lonely Heart


Rest in peace.. Lonely Heart

Update of the week.

It’s been a while. I am sorry.

I’ve been very busy with my new job and pretty much I passed out after work for 2 weeks. So I couldn’t really have chance to checking my blog. 😦

At the moment, I only have 1 adult Red Mickey Mouse Coral Platy. – Male. He owns the tank!! By himself!
And the fry, the 9 survivors. I really don’t understand and don’t know what happened while I was at work, but right now I only have 5 alive fry. Sadly, 2 of bully brothers died mysteriously. Maybe they were the terrible bullies back in their ‘golden age’.

I was planning to buy new fishes last time I wrote but I couldn’t go to fish market. I might really go this saturday but we will see. Cause it’s been really a LONG week for me and I just want to stay in and if it’s possible, I just want to order pizza and be super lazy. Though I don’t think this being lazy plan wouldn’t really work since my weekend is now really precious from the work so I probably try to spend every second to be meaningful or.. something better than just sleeping!

Well, I will keep you posted. Hopefully I can come back with more interesting stories like July! 😀

Now it’s Fry’s turn..

Now it is getting hard to make everybody healthy and ‘ALIVE’.

My little Mickey Mouse Platy fry’s are dying. The 2 adult fishes are still swimming, eating and alive. When I relieved and happy about the fact that I still have the ‘master hand’ of keeping my fishes, my fry army raised their hands and said,

Hey, we’re dying! 🙂 What’s up?!



I guess every time when you change the water, you can’t really avoid not killing anyone. But this is pretty bad if you consider that now I’ve been keeping my fry for over 1 month and a half, now they just start dying??!! Oh No! It’s really a bad news.

Last week, I counted and I had 38 fry. I don’t really like brag about the number of fishes that I have, but honestly, it was my first time to have fry more than 10 days, keeping them alive, so I was proud of the fact that I ‘saved’ 38 fry out of 120 after a month of time. But right now, I only have 14 fry in my fry tank! Can you believe it!!! 😦

I am pretty sure that I won’t have any baby fishes in my adult tank anymore since I only have 2 female fishes and they’re pretty sick now.

It’s terrible that I am currently thinking about the new fishes (already!) just in case I lose every fish I have now. I was thinking of taking few of my fry to my work. I saved a couple of glass bottles to keep them but well, I don’t think it’s a good idea anymore.

Hello New Friends

Today, we have 4 new friends in the No. 1 Adult Club Tank!

They’re all pretty and lady-like as you can see. Pink rosy-cheeks….. I wonder how old they are. One of them is already pregnant. She’s like 4.5~5cm small and a pre-mom!

"We're new and everything looks strange! But it's okay, cause we're Pretty!"

I went to fish market today to buy fish food. This time, I decided to try new stuff. I bought “Brine shrimp”, iced. It was a bit disgusting when I saw the images on google research. But why not try a half -alive food for my fish? Upgrade my fish maniac level. It was cheaper than I thought. So I guess it is not cheap in Korea but here, if you want to buy 100g of iced brine shrimp, it is 15 HKD per pack. I have no idea how much I can feed to my fish per time but I guess I will know soon. I don’t really have many fish to feed now – compare to other ‘extreme’ fish people – so I think I can use this pack for a while. I only bought 1 pack today cause I just wanted to try first. I am going to try it tomorrow since I already gave my fish number 1 ~ 7 too much food this morning. Fish number 8 and 9 didn’t have much but they’re all in that together, so won’t have a chance to eat more today, huh!

So, back to the new strangers. They’re also Mickey Mouse Platy but WHITE. Their body is snow white and also, kind of see-through white so you can see inside of their body so easily. If they’re pregnant? – Busted!

For those of you who have the first time buying fish, there’s a proper process you should know BEFORE you put your fish into the tank.

** Match the Water Temperature before let your fish jump into your fish tank!

It is really important to make sure that the Water Temperature has no big gap between your bag of brand-new fish and your fish tank. You probably keep your fish tank’s temperature around 22~26’c. Nobody knows how warm/cold is your bag of brand-new fish. IF you just put your fish in your tank right away, it’s like when you jump in to the hot spring water without knowing if it’s ‘not killing me-enough warm’. – You get hurt! Burned! The fish is the same. And they are very sensitive about the temperature.

So what you want to do is,
1. Put your bag of fish – don’t open it yet – in your tank about 30~60 mins.
– This will make the bag’s temperature as the tank’s water.
2. And then, you could put a little hole in the bag so that the tank’s water and the water inside of your bag could mix together so give some time your fish to adjust to a new environment!

First thing to do: Adjusting Water Temperature!

That’s it! It’s really easy. Just be patient a little bit! I made mistakes a lot of of times because I ignored this step, and it caused lots of bathroom funerals. 😦