I hate Fungus..

So officially, my adult tank is pretty done. I only have 5 fishes left in the tank. Luckily, the other hand, my baby fishes are doing well.

The problem is now, their illness is pretty much level 10 out of 10 so there’s not much things to do to help them better I think. Today I have 2 toilet funerals and I don’t think the rest of fishes will survive until this weekend.

I hate fungus…

My adult fish tank has been attacked by fungus

You can’t really see from the picture above. But they’re constantly moving – very fast – I assume that the illness gives them pains so it drives them crazy.. The sad thing is my only one Platinum Mickey Mouse Platy is pregnant and I’m so sad that the babies inside of her are going to die when she dies.. 😦

Bullies join the rest of gang, at last.

4 Bullies stuck in the breeding box!

Do you remember my 4 bully fishes? Like you see the picture above, they were stuck in the little breeding box inside of fry tank. My fry tank is really small so it was a bit harsh for bullies but hey, they are bullies! They deserved it and the rest of fry deserve to be protected..

This morning, I realized maybe… MAYBE.. it’s time to loosen up for a little bit for my bullies and I had quite some time to exam their behavior – Bad guy behavior. And I decided to give them another chance to join the rest of the gang. When the bully attack happened, the little red fry was all alone and they were 4 of them. And now.. if these bullies want to do some little swimmy-babish fighting with others, it’s going to be 4 vs. more than 100, so I think this time, it’ll be okay. So far, they seem doing alright. You can easily find bullies among those 100 because they’ve been growing a lot these days! They’re still small and cute but really, growing fast! Now I’m feeding them 2~3 times a day.

Welcome to the Club!

The white one is one of bullies. Platinum(Blue) Mickey Mouse Platy! 🙂

Fry Tank

My fry army is doing well. I saw one of them died this morning but everyone seems very healthy so far. Here is my fry tank I set up yesterday.

Fry Army

My fry army in my Fry Tank

The reason I have another small breeding box in the fry tank is, I have 2-3 weeks old – 4 platinum mickey mouse platy. They’re just a little bit bigger.. than the new-born fry so you might think it is weird to have a safe box for 4 of them. But, actually it is for my rest of little ones.

I made a terrible mistake the other day. I put new-born fry into the same place where those 4 bullies were. As soon as the little one started swimming they attacked her/he and little one died in 1 min. It was very shocking scene and sadly, I couldn’t really catch that little creature when she/he was in trouble so she/he ended up dying because of my fault and 4 ignorant bullies. I bet they thought it was a food or something! Ever since then, I try not to care for them too much because of that incident but after all, they’re.. fishes.. So I am trying to move on. Hehe! :p Sounds so silly…
So, I still need to have a breeding box to prevent innocent fry dying. Too bad for 4 bullies though. They need to live there for a while unless I have a bigger tank and I can keep them there.

Here we are, let me introduce you the 4 Bullies!

4 Bullies - Platinum Mickey Mouse Platy

I am going to record a video of them eating food tomorrow. They’re mean to their younger siblings but… still cute!! 🙂

As you can see, my red mickey mouse platies are doing so well. They’re swimming here and there. They even sit on the sponge part of my filter! Those are lazy ones I bet.. “I’m a fish but I don’t care, I want to sit.”

Until another pregnancy party going, I got nothing to do with them except feeding them and watching them. It’s going to be a boring month but I am so excited to see them grow! 🙂

New-born fry! Again…! Today!

To my surprise, the last pregnant Red Mickey Mouse Platy delivered 36 new-born fry today! I thought maybe today or tomorrow but I guess it was time. I still haven’t figured out assuming the date of delivery so my fish journal will help me on that too. The babies born without my attention, so I think a lot of them eaten by mommy fish, sad really. But still I have over 30 new-born fry today, so amazing!

36 New Born Fry_06. Jul. 2011

They are all healthy (at least looks like it). I put them into fry fish tank. So now they have more space to swim and play with each other. 🙂

I still have early born fry in other little fry tank. Like this:

Little Platies with Pink Bio Sand

I bought this plastic ‘plate’ at this Japanese cheap stuffs store on the street last weekend. 7.8 HKD for 2 plates, pretty cheap and awesome! Big enough for many new-born babies for sure. Hehe.. The pink thing is the “Bio-sand” pink version which makes the air in the water. My dad sent me 2 packs of this. I thought it was funny that he sent me something for my fishes but my dad is also a big fan of tropical fish but he is more fond of little shrimp. He used to have a really big fish tank for his shrimps as his hobby. My mom didn’t like it because it got a bit extreme like my dad wanted to have them more and more and buy bigger fish tank, etc.. Anyway, so when I first told my mom about my fish, I was a bit nervous, thought that she might hate it but she seems really like me having fishes. – Also, I promise her not to go too far..!

But here I am, I have more than 120 platy fry and another 10 adult platy. Oh wait, no, I have 9 adult platy. This morning I found out one of my red mm platy died. She was the one who had so many babies (46 fry) and I guess it was too hard for her. She wasn’t swimming lively ever since she delivered fry so I was worried. Anyway, so I am heading to extreme side, hope I don’t end up with 300 fry next month! oops.

Talking about fry. I think they’re really amazing. It’s kind of weird that mom platy eats their children because they think it’s a food. Kind of freaky actually. So unless if you have many plants in your fish tank so that new-born fry can hide, you only can expect 1~8 alive fry in your fish tank. – IF you’re lucky! I saw lots of people didn’t even know they had fry in their fish tank because the mommy ate them all. When you see them in your fish tank, those are the toughest one and will live well, healthy. Because that means they have some guts to swim here and there and hiding from their monster mom fish. Those survivor fry are very strong. But still, if you want to keep them safe, maybe it is a good idea to separate them from adult ones. When I first saw mom fish eating just new-born little ones, I was SO MAD and felt like I just want to grab them and you know, punish them! lol.. So be careful when you have a pregnant fish in your fish tank. Keep on eyes on them.

I have about 2-3 weeks old Blue(platinum) MM Platy fry. They were 9 at first but now I only have 4. They’re growing very fast I think. I am giving them ‘TetraMin Baby’ fish food. It’s very small so the fry can eat them, no trouble. I should record fry’s dinner moment some time. It’s really fun. When the fry just new-born, you don’t need to feed them for 2~3 days because they usually born with food under their belly or something. It’s like an egg yolk. And 2~3 days later you can start giving them food but still, they’re really small and cute creatures, you still can’t really see them eating. But now, with my 2-3 weeks old fry, every time I give them food, I can see them eating. They bite food and you know, you can see them enjoying their food, for real! :p It’s so cute. Sometimes, if the food is big, they bite the food to make small or if it’s still big, they spit it out and bite & eat again. Sometimes I lost my track of time just watching them. It is true that one of biggest happy moments and the attraction of having fish is, having the next generation and take care of them. And someday, they have fry again! Woo!

I can say, this is my first time that I actually am good at taking care of my fishes. So I think as long as I don’t mess up a big time, I will have some cute junior fishes soon in next 2~3 months. 🙂