9 Survivors and Model Souls

We're the '9 Survivors!'

I thought that at this point, I need some ‘proof’ of my nine survivors after all those lame posts about dying fishes. So here you go! :p

It’s funny the way they stare at me every time I try to take their pictures with my camera. Maybe it is just a coincidence but I start to thinking that MAYBE they know when I take a picture and some of fishes who have model soul in their dark mind, they just can’t help themselves! Put their face against to the fish tank wall!! – to make me get their best shot! Hehe..

Flying Birds in the Water

Finally, I recorded a video of my flying birds in the water..! ๐Ÿ™‚

I have a Lumix DMC-FX180 digital camera. I am not really an expert of camera so I am not sure if it’s now an old model or still okay model but it’s working pretty well. But some reason I cannot get the close macro look of my fish! Maybe I am doing something wrong?! I asked my friend David, who is an expert of photographyย and he gave me some advice but I still can’t take a good shot! My iphone picture looks better than picture I take by my camera sometimes.. Lame..
About a couple of weeks ago, I found some awesome water-proof cameras and I really want to buy one when I have a big fish tank with little plants. It would be so great… Man.. Did I just sound so nerdy? hahaha…

Anyway, I realized my boyfriend has a water-proof camera. He doesn’t really take pictures or anything in general. So I decided to take some test shots with it. His camera is also Lumix, DMC-FT1. – I have no idea how the company name these model names and numbers. – Anyway, so I took some pictures and wait…… It’s not bad! This camera has a cool function which is ‘water-proof’ thing – Sorry, if you expected something else! – And I decided to take a video. I didn’t really put the camera in the fish tank because my fish tank is way too small to put my hand and the camera at the same time, but also I was kind of afraid of breaking it just in case I used it wrong and water get into the camera.

And wow, I did some editing with the video and I think it came out pretty okay for the first try. The quality isn’t really the same as I actually took since I had to upload to youtube but I think you’ll like it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!