Tungchoi Goldfish Market

Awesome Seawater Fish Tank at Tungchoi Fish Market

Last week, I went to the Fish Market. It’s called, Tungchoi Goldfish Market. This is really not a fancy tourist spot but it’s always in the guidebook of Hong Kong. I didn’t really know about this place until my mom gave me a couple of tour guidebook of Hong Kong when last time she visited me. I’ve been living in HK almost 8 months now but I haven’t been to many places yet. Maybe I should read the guidebook again sometime.

This market has a real variety. It is full of fish stores and pet shops included rabbits, cats, dogs, turtles and some other weird pets that I don’t consider as a pet.. (like frogs!)


Now let’s walk together.

You’ll see a lot of stores from the beginning of the street! It’s so awesome! The prices in every store pretty much similar and they do have a very broad and cheap/expensive products. – From 4 dollar fish net to huge crystal fish tank.

One of Stores at Tungchoi Street


They sell various decorations too. Like houses for little fish and real/fake plants. The price is depends on the size and type usually. I want to have one of those brown house when I have a bigger fish tank! 🙂


This is the real plants for your tank. The shop keeper was so busy to keep them fresh and ‘watery’ every min.





They also sell woods and stones for your tank. The price range is between 20~500 dollars. I saw more than $500(HKD). I think it’s a bit extreme that paying such amount of money for a ‘Stone’.


Enough about side stuffs. Now, Let’s check out the fishes! 🙂

Pretty Fish Tanks!Fish Tanks at the store

Fish Tank on the Street

The Security Guard, "Fish Market CATS"

The funny thing I noticed there was, 4 out of 10 fish stores have cats! They are big and always walking around the store, very slowly and quite. Yeah, they are security guards. :p

Now let’s check out the crazy “Fish Bag” scene. It’s is a mascot of the street.

Wonder 'Fish' Wall

"Hmm.. Which one I should buy?"

Zoom In–

"Please pick me! We are yellow cuties!"

"We won't bite you, please pick us!"

"We are the cutest! Red and all!"

Did you enjoy the pictures and little tour? 🙂 If you visit Hong Kong, you should visit here and spend a couple of hours, just watching all the exotic fishes and ‘people’ there. Street scenes are pretty interesting too! 🙂

Gold Fish Market in Hong Kong

Today, I want to talk about one of my favorite places in Hong Kong. Just in case you do not know me personally, yes, I am living in Hong Kong since last year. I am still trying to fit in this city and hopefully soon I can say something about my life like, “Hmm, not bad.”

Go back to one of my favorite places in Hong Kong, it is a fish market where my all fish crazyness started, yes! It’s actually called, Gold Fish Market. It’s located in Tungchoi street, Mongkok. You can easily google it and find more information.

I only heard about this place when my mom gave me this guide book of Hong Kong for the tourist. I am not a tourist exactly so I didn’t really read it first. I misunderstood that I was local some reason. Ha! Wrong. And one day I read the book after my mom visited me and the gold fish market was one of places they recommended and I wanted to go there. I went there with my boyfriend and we didn’t really think about buying anything there. He doesn’t like animal which to me it is a bit funny because I am not an animal person either! And you know, we just walked a bit and couldn’t really find any ‘Fish’ but instead, we saw lots of dogs and cats. So I was tired and bored and then, we found this one place. – Later I found out we went to the wrong side of fish market so we couldn’t see the whole street. – And then.. they were so cute. I didn’t really think that fish will be cute .. I asked my boyfriend to choose the fish because to me, they were all the same. And that’s how we got our first tropical fish, cute little 3 Red Coral Platy. I thought they looked so FAT. One of them was actually pregnant, I didn’t know it of course. (She had 7 fry after a week.)

Anyway, talking the fish street. The whole street sells Aquarium fishes (tropical fish)/ Marine fishes and also sells equipment – fish tank, filter, and everything you need to have fish. Also they have several pet shops and sell dogs, cats, hamster, lizards, frogs, turtle. It’s really an interesting view when you get there. The symbol of this market is though, probably the fishes in the plastic bags on the store wall. Not all of stores are selling fish like that but lots of stores sell fish like this.

Tungchoi Fish Market

I’ve been there more than 30 times so far. It is A LOT! My boyfriend was amazed when I went there 2-3 times a week just to watch fishes. – But I ended up buying something every time. Hehe.. I haven’t been there for a while though. I think maybe it’s time to go there again!… for my blog… hahahaha I’m just giving me another lame excuse to go there. But this time will be much interesting cause now I have my blog to talk about it so I will take a lot of good pictures next time I go. Can’t wait! :p


How to get to Gold Fish Market in Mongkok?

Take MTR (Kwun Tong Line or Tsuen Wan Line) and get off at Mongkok Station
Find Exit B3 and walk along to the bridge and find Tungchoi street! 🙂